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Original Sin ✅ INXS tribute show live at Beaches Hotel Thirroul, paying homage to one of our country’s most popular & successful band, INXS.

The show covers songs spanning all 3 decades, from their debut self titled INXS, through to Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, KICK, X, and Elegantly Wasted albums. Original Sin have been touring for over 6 years and have established themselves as the most authentic, true representation of the band that was, INXS. With outstanding production, you can be sure all your INXSenses will be truly stimulated. “Michael Hutchence was a huge influence in my teenage years. He inspired me to sing and perform. INXS were an integral part of me wanting to become a musician. It’s such a buzz playing their music” – Glenn (Lead Vocalist)

More Info: Beaches Hotel Thirroul